In the Press

“Sean Grennan has a way with words and thoughts,

making them like a turbine producing energy.”


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  • The Burg Review
    “Theatre Harrisburg’s moving, dramatic season opener, “A Rock Sails By”
  • Review
    “It is a thought-provoking story filled with wit, humor, and emotion.”
  • Greenbay Press Gazette
    “Grennan writes with such finesse, giving deep pause…the experience is profound.”
  • Northwest Herald
    “Grennan’s ability to craft words that make you laugh, sigh, or cry is undeniable.”
  • World Premiere Wisconsin
    “I hope this funny, beautiful, and courageous play meant as much to the audience as it did to me.”
    “It’s a look in the mirror about life’s Big Questions.”
  • Shaw Local News
    “Playwright Sean Grennan’s creative streak is going strong.”